Reading Rooms

Access to reading rooms is allowed only to users having Green Pass to be presented to the staff in charge who will check its fairness according to  Regolamento di Ateneo per le procedure di verifica della certificazione verde covid-19 (University Regulation on Green Pass checking).

The Green Pass request does not apply to persons exempt from the vaccination campaign that should be certified by medical documents issued by an approved body or by a general practitioner according to the guidelines provided by the Italian Ministry of Health. The medical documents must, in any case, be presented instead of the Green Pass certificate.

Staff in charge can require the exhibition of a valid identity document in order to verify the identity of the user.

A seat reservation is always required. Each user can book a seat in the library of interest in the morning time slot (9:00-13:00) and/or in the afternoon time slot (14:30-19:00) up to maximum seats available.

Fellows, PhD candidates and students can book a seat through the GOMP  platform in the  Student portal.

The seat can be reserved until 23:59 of the previous day and will be valid for a maximum of seven days. It is necessary to exhibit confirmation of the reservation received by e-mail

University teaching staff and University staff: an e-mail shall be sent within 2:00 P.M. of the previous working day in the library of interest by specifying the reservation in the morning time slot (9:00-13:00) and/or in the afternoon time slot (14:30-19:00). The library will answer as soon as possible communicating the outcome of the request.

Users are required to comply with the measures listed in the Guidelines for preventing spread of coronavirus in University Roma Tre and cannot access the facilities without wearing the face mask properly during the entire stay. It is mandatory for the staff to wear personal protective equipment supplied by the University.

Reading areas are conceived as common areas for study and research, so that users are requested to adopt a correct behaviour avoiding disturbing other users and avoiding to damage bibliographic material or university facilities







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