Loans: service conditions

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Service conditions

  • Students of Roma Tre; foreign students attending Rome Tre University through International Mobility: maximum 10 documents;
  • University staff, University teaching staff, research fellows’, PHD students: maximum 20 documents;

All communications to students (loans receipt, book return receipt, reminder e-mails) will be addressed only to the institutional e-mail.

It’s always worth checking Roma Tre Discovery for the effective availability of the books to avoid useless movements to the library.

Length of the library loan

The length of the loan can be checked by consulting Roma Tre Discovery:

  • 30 days loan (renewal for a maximum of 120 days)
  • 10 days loan (renewal for a maximum of 20 days)
  • 10 days loan non- renewable (audio-visual material)
  • daily loan (expires at library closing time – non-renewable)
  • documents to consult on site cannot be taken out

Documents must be returned in the same condition in which they were delivered. A delay in the return would lead to the suspension of all the library services. Failure to return implies a career penalty for students and financial penalties for the staff. In case of loss, damage or theft, the user has to indemnify the lending library as specified.

On line services reserved for institutional users

Institutional users can login through Roma Tre Discovery using their institutional credentials.

Authentication allows, for regular users, to book a volume at that time on loan to another user. A book already on loan displays the writing ”0 available” and the expiring date of the loan. When the book becomes available again, an e-mail will be sent to the institutional e-mail address of the user who booked the volume communicating that it is available again (withdrawal within three working days).

Volumes on daily loan are excluded from the booking.

Authentication allows, moreover, to access to its own Library card, which enables to:

  • view ongoing and previous loans
  • renew loans not yet expired (within 19:30 of the expiring day, if you are not suspended). Daily loan is excluded from renewal. If the book is already ordered, loan cannot be renewed. A loan of 30 days can be renewed for a total of 120 days. A loan of 20 days can be renewed for a total of 20 days (except audio-visual material)
  • manage book reservation
Luigi Torresi 29 February 2024